Nowlan Movement & Wellness
A one-on-one approach to movement analysis and hands-on techniques to decrease pain and improve posture, strength and mobility.

Post-Rehab Wellness

Continue your progress after physical therapy; reduce flare ups and avoid a return to therapy.

Stretch Mobility Program

Interactive stretching and bodywork session aimed at improving flexibility and restoring balance.

Exercise Recovery

Hands-on techniques to reduce soreness and muscle fatigue, leaving you ready to perform again soon.

Nowlan Movement and Wellness delivers one-on-one, hands-on care to improve strength, posture, mobility and performance, decrease pain and prevent injury. I am a personal movement and wellness advisor who takes a full body approach to care and works with you throughout your life to address your specific needs and goals.

My services are offered in the comfort of your home, so that you have immediate and convenient access to a wellness professional.